Bard Hole Standal is designer and illustrator with a giant love for character design. This might be his speciality, but his scarily robotic dedication and love for the creative arts has provided him with talents that range from illustration to graphic design, product design, 3D and motion graphics. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Graphic Design and Illustration from the London College of Communication.
Bard lives in Oslo with his family and their two cats where he wiorks as a designer and 3D artist at Agens Games. At night he composes his own projects like designer toys, art, indie games/apps and children's books under his company Hello Bard AS. Bard is the author of the interactive children's book "Adventures of Jack & Joe", and the creator of the indie video games "Animal Drivers" and "Woeful Woebots".
Bard loves to contribute to design books and creative projects, so please get in touch if you want him in your next project or exhibition. If you would like to license Bard's characters or designs for products or campaign's, please send your inquiries to bard [at]

2019 Gullruten Nomination, Nominated for Best Motion Graphics for "Nytt på Nytt"
2019 NRK Produksjonsutviklingspris, for "Augmented Reality With Unity for TV" development
2014 Gullruten, Winner of the Gold Innovation of the Year Award for "1814 Projection Mapping"

2011 Gulltaggen, Winner of the Bronze for Pepsi Co's "Red Sting"
2009 Gulltaggen, Winner of the Bronze for the Red Cross “Når Krigen Raser”
2008 Visuelt, Diploma in the Motion category for "The Norwegian Opera Idents"
Adobe, Disney, NRK, The Norwegian Opera, Coca Cola, The Red Cross,Pepsi, McCann, Telenor, Popular Mechanics Magazine,  Nordisk Film, NSB, Statoil, Hydro,  Hyundai, Statnett

Solo Art Shows
2009 The Birth of Deinos, Ouchi Gallery in New York City, USA.

Group Shows
2011 15,000 and Up, Burlington, Vermont, USA.
2007 Neighborwood, Compound Gallery in Portland, USA.
2006 Love Original, Artoyz in Paris, France.
2006 Rebelo, Opus Art in Newcastle, UK.
2006 Love Original, Gallery Lele in Tokyo, Japan.
2006 Design Warriors, Butter Factory in Singapore.
2006 Gee Whizz, Brick Lane in London, UK.
2006 Sketchel, Jeremyville Shop in Sydney, Australia.
2005 Ofcom Art Show, Ofcom headquarts in London, United Kingdom.
2004 Bopano, Installations around the city of Lyon, France.
2005 Wear it With Pride Remixed, Soho in London, UK.
2004 Wear it With Pride Unplugged, Shoreditch in London, UK

2018 - Woeful Woebots (PC/VR)
2015 - Animal Drivers (Mobile)

2013 - The Sculptor (Mobile)

2014 - We Are Indie Toys, , London. UK

2014 - Every Day is Play, Game Paused/Matthew Kenyon, London. UK
2011 Fresh 2 - Cutting Edge Illustration: PUBLIC, Daab Media, Köln, D.
2011 Fresh 1 - Cutting Edge Illustration: OBJECT, Daab Media, Köln, D.
2010 Uber Games, Uber Books, Berlin, D.
2010 Designers Playground, Uber Books, Berlin D.
2007 Illustration Now! 2, Taschen, Berlin, D.
2007 Two Faced, IdN, Singapore, S.
2007 Latex 4 Fun, Die Gestalten Verlag, Berlin, D.
2006 Around Europe Publisher, Index Books, Barcelona, ES.
2006 Tres Logos, Die Gestalten Verlag, Berlin, D.
2006 Bear, Comic book for Jamie Smart / Slave Labor Graphics, San Diego, US.
2004 Hidden Track, Die Gestalten, Berlin, D.
2005 Football Heroes, Hertzglut Verlag, Vienna, AUS.
2005 A Book Designed to Help, Die Gestalten Verlag, Berlin, D.
2005 Websites, Feierabenden, Berlin, D.
2005 War of the Monstars, Lazy Dog, Paris, F.
2004 Around Europe Logos, Index Books, Barcelona, ES.
2003 Youngblood, Die Gestalten, Berlin, D.

2010 Minimotion Film festival, Zürich, S
2006 Pictoplasma Conference – Main animation programme, Berlin, D
2005 Webcuts Animation Festival, Berlin, D
2004 NRK 2, KORTKLIPT, Norway
2011 Engadget, US (Review of children's book)
2011 VG, Norway (Review of children's book)
2011 Dagbladet, Norway (Review of children's book)
2011 Tap! Magazine, UK (Feature)
2008 Desktop Magazine, UK (Feature/Interview)
2007 Computer Arts magazine, UK (Feature)
2007 Desktop Magazine, Australia (Feature/Interview)
2007 Capricho, Brazil (Feature/Interview)
2007 Juice Magazine, Asia (Feature/Interview)
2007 Star Talk magazine, Asia (Feature/Interview)
2007 IF magazine, Asia (Feature)
2006 Computer Arts Graduates Edition, UK (Feature)
2004 Elle, Norway (Feature)

2011 Fuel Your Illustration,
2011 Spyline Artist of the Month,
2007 Spyline Artist of the Month,
2005 Pictoplasma Animation DVD, Die Gestalten Verlag, Berlin, D.
2005 Thunder Chunky interview,
2004 Designflux DVD #2, France
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