Deinos is a resin art toy that was sculpted digitally, then 3D printed and molded/cast in my own kitchen. 
Several colorways were made, and around 20 toys were created.
Behind the Scenes
Deinos started as an illustration in Adobe Illustrator, originally made for a 
toy project with a company in Hong Kong. That went never happened, so 
I decided to remake him as a new toy. After finishing the design, I started
working in Autodesk Maya to sculpt a 3D model.
The beginning of the head in 3D.
After the 3D model was done, I started rendering tests to see how it would work in the real world as a physical product.
After I was happy with the design, I sent off the 3D model to Los Angeles where it was printed on an Objet Eden printer which, even now, was the most accurate 3D printer I could find/afford to print on. The result was superior, perfectly smooth and ready for molding and casting.
Once I had the final 3D print, I could start the molding and casting of the resin toys.
Equipped with a serious gas mask and a great fear for my reproductive chances later in life, I went into this task fearlessly in my kitchen / fire balcony. 
After finishing casting and fixing the endless flaws that kept showing up from bubbles in the casting process, I could start painting the models.
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